Water Poetry 1: The Haiku

A few years back when I found myself in four countries in three months, I wrote four poems dedicated to a body of water in each of those countries. I also decided to write the poem in four poetic forms native to or popular in those countries. They included an Elizabethan sonnet about the Thames River, a villanelle about the Seine, an open-form or beat poem about the San Francisco Bay, and a haiku about the Tama River. I’ve since added a sijo about the Han River.

I’m going to print those here in a series, with an explanation about the poetic form so you can try it too. And periodically I’ll try to add more poems in different poetic forms around the world. I’m already planning to write a sijo about the Han River.

So today I present the haiku. Continue reading Water Poetry 1: The Haiku