Steve Jobs: Pioneer of the Creative Process


Steve Jobs envisioned a world where anyone could have access to tools to fully realize their creativity. Being an artist, being creative, shouldn’t be some specialized profession requiring expensive sensitive equipment. (All things relative of course. While a computer is still expensive, music mixing equipment, for instance, is much much more.)  So as my personal homage to Steve, here are Ten Things that Steve Jobs Has Provided Me to Help Me Be a Fully Creative Person.

1. The Personal Computer. So many things we take for granted in our computing life came from Apple under Steve Jobs. While Apple didn’t make the first personal computer, they were the first to make them useable by non-engineers and non-programmers. Things like icons and menus began under Apple. Before the mouse, people entered text into a command line to navigate…well there was nothing to navigate. The color screen? Apple. Listening to sound and inputing sound? Peripherals that plugged and played? That was Apple too. If you’re not a native English speaker, Apple was the first to support languages other than English. Continue reading Steve Jobs: Pioneer of the Creative Process