The Polder Sofa: ‘Form Follows Feeling’

On one of my long lunch breaks I visited my favorite furniture store, hhstyle. There’s nothing in there that I can afford. Even the little toy models of the furniture range in the $300-500 range. But all the pieces are at least intrigueing works of art, if not beautiful. They may even be comfortable but I’ll never know because there are DO NOT TOUCH signs everywhere. I see the shop, located in Harajuku, as more of a museum and I enjoy the interior layout of the showroom itself, which features long glass enclosed staircases that span the length of the building, leading to the different floors. If you want service you’ll have to go up to them; they do their best to try to pretend you’re not there.

If there’s one piece that I would entertain buying (once I win the lottery) it’s the Polder Sofa.

polderĀ sofa
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