The E.N.D.

black eyed peas

I went to the Blacked Eyed Peas’ The E.N.D World Tour concert in Saitama, suburbs north of Tokyo, on the autumnal equinox. It was my first big arena concert experience in Japan. And it was their last show in Japan, after playing for five straight nights.

I went with my buddy Kaz, who was giddy with excitement, even though he’s a veteran of the megaconcert.  He was like a teenage girl at a Jonas Brothers concert.  And quite honestly, so was I.  Before the concert, he was asking me starstruck questions like, “So what do you think Fergie is doing right now?”  And, “Do you think they’re nervous?”  I gave him smart-ass answers like, “They’re probably snorting coke and getting serviced by groupies.”

Isn’t that what rock stars do?  But truthfully, they were probably just chillin’ in their dressing rooms, eating fruit, giving each other back rubs, and writing poetry.

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