Holy Koi!

feeding frenzy

I’ve been having fun putting up some of my photographs on my flickr site. And as I put more and more photos there I’ll link to the new set and say a few words about it.

The picture here was taken in Fukushima, an agricultural prefecture north of Tokyo. While visiting T’s grandparents we checked out the sites and one of the most unusual was a kind of Buddhist amusement park. There were no rides or anything like that, but there was a very very large Kannon, also known as Kuan Yin in China, and various other names throughout Asia. She’s the goddess of compassion.

And in this Buddhaland, there were large ponds in which swarmed masses of hungry carp, or koi in Japanese. We’re so accustomed to seeing carp as placid colorful fish. But here they were like pirahnas, practically leaping out of the water in anticipation for food. They followed me as I walked along the pond, and got very excited if I waved my hands over them. It was freaky and mesmerizing.

Anyway, go ahead and click on the picture to look at the whole set.