Candlelight, Full Moon

10,000 candles

Last week I chanced upon a candle lantern festival at the Ebisu Garden Place. We observed many college-age people in black t-shirts mysteriously setting it up in the daytime. They carefully placed colorful lanterns in various patterns.

The main design was a large mandala of what appeared to be very flammable paper bags.

10,000 candles

From the mezzanine level I could see that it was a fish.  Notice how the courtyard tiles are incorporated into the design.

10,000 candles

Later that night I went back to see how it would look in darkness. And it was quite… luminous.

10,000 candles

I also learned that the event was called, “Love Is…2011”. Most remarkable was that there were 10,000 candles in all! And the occasion was to celebrate the full moon, the harvest moon.  My favorite was this spiral of origami cranes.

10,000 candles

I also liked what looked like a little island village.

10,000 candles

Here’s the slideshow for the full set.

2 thoughts on “Candlelight, Full Moon”

  1. These works are very simple, clean, and artistic. They give you a sense of tranquility, order and peace.
    The colors of mandala are brilliant, they vibrate.
    I always admire the Japanese people for their creativity; and these works just perfectly represent themselves.

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