Meditating Wind no. 76: A Tokyo Blind Spot

Meditating Wind no. 76

Earlier this month I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo or MoT. Even though it’s in central Tokyo, it’s quite a bit out of the way, in one of those blind spots far from train or subway stations. The neighborhood, Kiyosumi Shirakawa, is very traditional in a shabby way.

Nevertheless, the walk to the museum is quite interesting. There were little iron posts with makeshift seating near them, all along the streets. Brilliantly colored flowers were meticulously cared for by the shopkeepers. I also liked the sidewalk tiles with etchings of insects on them.

IMG_2617on firelady bug

The museum itself is beautifully ultra contemporary, with a dramatic entrance lined with aluminum poles, fountains and intriguing art installations. I tucked myself into one of them, and found the effect visually disorienting. Even though I was inside the structure, I appeared to be an external reflection. And the buildings that were reflected on the surface seemed to be something from within.

IMG_2673Meditating Wind no. 75

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