The World’s Most Alienating Airport

I recently returned from a week in Korea and got to add one more airport to the list that I’ve been to.  I wrote on my “25 Random Things About Me” viral Facebook thingy that I love airports.  But the more I think about it, it’s not that I love airports, it’s that I like traveling and identify airports with seeing the world.

There are some airports I really like. But most of them are pretty uncomfortable. And a few are terribly cold and alienating. Thankfully, I’ve never been to Prague’s Kafka International Airport.

2 thoughts on “The World’s Most Alienating Airport”

  1. Have you ever been to Los Angeles airport? It is an old, worn out and ugly airport. But they are finally spending some money to improve it.

    I also like visiting airports.

    1. Well, I grew up in LA, so I’ve been in LAX more times than I care to remember. The new parts are nice. But I agree, overall, terrible.

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