This is an email I sent to my friends. Thoughts about the election after the champagne bottle had been emptied.


did that just happen? i’m still in a pleasant shock that we got obama into office. great job everyone. and for those of you who didn’t or couldn’t vote, thanks for the powerful positive vibes that envisioned this outcome.

the last few mornings i’ve woken up, i checked the news to make sure that somehow i hadn’t dreamt it, or deluded myself with wishful thinking, or finally gone crazy from 8 years of bush. but no, the only electoral uncertainty now is whether we have a few more democratic senators or not.

one of the best things about the elections was that florida didn’t matter. neither did ohio. missouri? thanks for coming to the party. now why don’t you go down to the corner and get us some more champagne.

the level of goodwill towards america just went up by a bazillion percent. i’m sure you’re reading all about how the world loves obama. but what the world is really loving is that we elected him. never mind that most industrialized countries won’t be electing anyone black for a long time, if ever. the world wants america to be held to higher standards, and i think we should welcome that. we’ve been a country of hope and promise, (even if it hasn’t always been true).

i’m excited to represent that.

we just have to remember what obama said during his acceptance speech, that electing him is not the goal. it’s just a means to the goal. now the hard work begins. i know the next several years are going to be tough. what a mess the world is in. but now i feel a little lighter on my feet, ready to get up and start dancing again.


2 thoughts on “Exhale”

  1. I agree. What a great time in America. The world’s positive reaction just shows how much the world still looks to America and even idolizes America. The world has been waiting 8 years for this. The neocons ideals were completely flawed. The fact is is you can’t do things on your own. But Bush and Cheney felt they could and did not need the rest of the world.

    I’m glad they are gone.

  2. …and it’d be nice to have someone who can speak properly, make complete sentences, pronounce words correctly, ask people what they think about issues, use diplomacy…

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