Wat Umong: Meditating Wind no. 24

This photo was taken in the tunnels of Wat Umong, one of the most unusual temple complexes in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The temple dates to the 13th Century and distinguishes itself from the other area temples through its unadorned honey-colored bricks and stone, and the fact that it was in the forest.

Despite how close it looked to the city center on the map, it was quite a walk. But it was worth it because we got to walk through neighborhoods and marketplaces and even a university where very few tourists wandered. We got lost and went past the small street that led to the temple. We were distracted by the large Tsutaya (Japan’s version of Blockbuster Video) that was on the corner!

Once there we saw only a handful of people. The complex is spacious and the quiet imbued us with a spiritual calm that was rare in the more popular bustling temples closer to the old city center.

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