The Quilting Sword v4.0

This blog is the fourth incarnation of The Quilting Sword. The first incarnation was a photocopied zine with poetry and short stories about love fading into regret. The second was a Xanga blog, in which I documented my last days of living in England and the transition to Japan. The third was an unpublicized blog on Blogger in which I wrote a few essays on political events in East Asia. My good friend Thom was the only one who read it and he didn’t realize it was me for many months. I also do a blog with my wife about our adventures in marriage. That was fun but that too was updated less and less. Now it serves mostly as a respository of our photos from our many travels.

I lamented that none of them lasted but each served their purpose which was to help me document a period of my life. Now I’d like to put it all together and write about a combination of things:

A. Make wry observations about my life in Japan.

B. Write reviews of restaurants, cafes, bars, neighborhoods, museums, parks.

C. Incisively analyze and deconstruct the narratives of nationalism and politics in East Asia. Kind of share my findings for my PhD.

D. Comment on international sports and nationalism, as well as my beloved but troubled Lakers.

E. Display my photo collection of me meditating in a variety of locations around the world. It’s the only time I really meditate.

F. And finally, I really want to bring peace to the world. And clearly, blogging is one of the few avenues left to pursue this.

So enjoy! And may I update this blog daily.


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