O Christmas Tree!

I used to have mixed feelings about Christmas trees. On the one hand, I felt that in an increasingly deforested world, it wasn’t right to grow plantations of trees only to cut them down for a few weeks of decorations. On the other hand, having an adorned tree in your living room with gifts underneath is a very happy thing to behold.

The solution for most is to either have a plastic tree, which is problematic unto itself, or have a live potted tree, a fantastic idea. Or as I like to do, just go and visit all the Christmas trees around town.

There are plenty of the traditional pine and fir Christmas trees. Moka loves them and this one is her favorite. She runs up to it every time we pass by and yanks at the ornaments.

Mitsukoshi tree

These next two are made of everyday objects. One is made of magazines and newspapers and the other is made of cork. There should be a movement to make Christmas trees out of recycled materials, like CDs, rags and euro bills.

paper tree

cork tree

My personal favorite was a brilliantly lit tree in Aqua City, an indoor mall by Tokyo Bay. The colors constantly changed and at regular intervals there was a light show accompanied by a lot of dramatic music. A little over the top but magical.

Aqua City christmas tree

Aqua City christmas tree

Aqua City christmas tree

But nothing beats the trees, alive and festive, in nature itself. Usually, the leaves change colors in late November here in Tokyo, but this year was very late. The colors have been peaking in the last week or so just in time for Christmas.

May your Christmas and the New Year be equally colorful and vibrant.