the baker

Fresh baked bread right out of the oven. You can have as much as you like. All 21 varieties. Baqet is a restaurant in the Meguro Station building. Lunch is about 700 to 1200 yen, and if you pay a little more it includes all-you-can-eat-bread from the bread bar, and all-you-can-drink beverages at the drink bar.

The main dishes, which change daily, are Italian fare, mostly drizzled in olive oil, whatever dish you choose. But it’s perfect for sopping up with steaming buns right out of the oven.

the bread bar

Once a batch of bread is baked, the baker comes out, rings a bell, announces which bread is available, and a small herd of people jump up from their tables and load up on the tiny plates that are provided. On a lazy Sunday, I nibbled on 13 rolls. They are truly tasty. My favorites are the buttery croissants, the green tea mugwort rolls, and the milk pastries. The drink bar is also quite good. I single-handedly emptied their weekly grape juice supply.

It’s not a place to relax with a book unless you go after the lunch rush, after 2pm perhaps. There’s usually a long line of people around noon. But I’ve seen clueless people plunk down with a newspaper and hold up a table while sipping on coffee. It’s just a mixed bag in general. There was a hyper little kid that coughed on the bread, an elderly couple who kept creepily staring at me, and one incredibly lazy young woman who kept calling the baker to come to her table to deliver the bread.

In short, T and I rolled our eyes and giggled a lot. I closed my eyes and breathed in the delicious bread and imagined myself in a Fellini bakery.