What is a Quilting Sword?

still life in angkor wat

My father, an astute and thoughtful man, asked me two great questions.

What is a quilting sword?
What are you meditating about in all those Meditating Wind photos.

Today I’ll answer the first question. But I’ll let you decide which you think is true, multiple choice style.

A. A quilting sword is a curved needle made of hummingbird bone used by Turkish women to embroider their rugs. The designs are usually illustrations of their dreams, often of flying farm animals over fields of opium poppies..

B. A quilting sword is a long dagger wielded by bodyguards of the Dalai Lama. The swords are discreetly hidden under their robes. They are primarily used ceremonially to draw patterns on sand mandalas. And to peel fruit for altars.

C. A quilting sword is a term used in chaos theory to describe how folds of space are stitched violently together during a supernova explosion.

D. It comes from an old Korean saying, “Even in war, a sword is more useful when making quilts.”

Guessed yet? The answer lies after the break. Continue reading What is a Quilting Sword?