Lakers Get 15th!


The Los Angeles Lakers won their 15th NBA championship yesterday. Only the hated Boston Celtics have more, by a pair. But no other team has reached the finals as much as the Lakers, 30 times out of the 62 years of NBA history. Has any other team dominated their sport like the Lakers?

Last year, the Lakers lost ignominiously to the Celtics. And immediately afterward, the world went into a massive recession of unprecedented proportions. The world’s largest home loan lender went out of business. So did the world’s largest insurance conglomerate, major investment banks, and a couple automakers as well. I also began experiencing excruciating back problems.

No good can come from the Celtics winning the championship.

When the Lakers win, the world becomes a better place. Except for 2001. And I guess the IT crash of 2002 wasn’t so great either. But in all the other years, good things happened. I think.

Oh who cares. Lakers baby!